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  • Published on Oct 31, 2016
    Haunted or Hoax? Missouri’s Most Chilling Spots

    In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we would explore some of the most haunted places in Missouri. Each story unique in its own way, we will let you decide if you believe these places are truly haunted or if it is all a hoax. 

    The Black Carriage of Overton

    Overton Landing was a small farm community on the Missouri River and home to the tale of the Black Carriage of Overton. Bob Dyer, a folklorist, told the story of an old couple that had a house overlooking the river in which they rented rooms out to travelers. The tale explains that one night a wealthy traveler stopped by for a room. The old couple noticed that he had gold and silver and decided to murder him, taking all of his money. A few years later, as the wife was on her deathbed, she made a promise with her husband that he would not remarry. That promise didn’t last long, as he married within the next year to a younger bride. The night that he brought his new wife home, the townspeople staged a shivaree, noisily banging pots and pans in the street, mocking the new couple. Just as the newly married man came out to yell at his fellow neighbors, a black carriage, guided by a black horse, pulled up to the house. According to the townspeople, the man’s widow was in the passenger seat, dressed in black. As the carriage pulled up to the house, the door opened and the man walked toward the carriage and climbed in. They rode off into the darkness, never to be seen again. For the last century or more, people have reported seeing the black carriage around the Overton area and some say that it is a omen of danger. Good or evil, haunted or hoax - I guess you can decide! 

    The Hornet Spook Light

    In the small town of Hornet, six miles south of Joplin, lives a tale of a ghostly light that has been said to stretch all the way down the Devil's Promenade road. This light has also been said to morph from one light to many, changing colors, size and shape. There are a few different folklores that account for the origin of the light - anywhere from a decapitated Confederate soldier looking for his head to the spirit of an old miner looking for his lost children. The first written record of the Spook Light was published in 1881. There have been a few attempts to discover a scientific explanation for the light, but nothing has been proven due to the erratic behavior of the light. Next time you are in the area, you must stop by the Devil's Promenade and see what all of the hype is about. And, don’t worry, there have been no reports of harm done by the Hornet Spook Light. 

    Jesse James Farm and Museum

    Many people know the notorious outlaw Jesse James, who, with his brother Frank by his side, robbed banks, stagecoaches and trains from Missouri to Mississippi. After his death, stories were told of sightings of the ghost of Jesse James all around the midwest, but he and Frank have most frequently been seen around their farmhouse in Kearney. There have been many different unexplained sights and sounds, but the most common reports are hearing hoofbeats in the night, pistol shots and muffled rumblings of men. Inside the house, there have been reports of doors slamming on their own, faces appearing in windows and furniture moving around. The farm and museum are open for tours so you can experience these sights and sounds for yourself!

    So, there you have it. A few of our favorite haunted spots for you to check out on your next drive around the state. We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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